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Aluminium Manufacturing Consultancy The primary challenge that aluminium manufacturers have to confront in today's economy is cost-efficient production of the alloy that doesn't make any compromises on sustainability as well as quality. RMG can provide the professional assistance your business needs to ensure operational efficiency by upgrading your existing projects and streamlining and facilitating the [...]
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Steel Making

Steelmaking Consultancy Modern steelmaking industry is exceptionally competitive which means businesses are in crucial need of producing premium quality steel in a cost-efficient manner while preserving the environment and ensuring safety. RMG employs an experienced team that has the specialized expertise in a variety of steelmaking operations, technologies, and processes across a variety of industry [...]
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Iron Making

IRONMAKING CONSULTANCY Every ironmaking project features specific requirements including the quality of raw materials, production ability, fuel accessibility, logistics and environmental and regulatory considerations. Relying on our comprehensive industry knowledge for development of new ironmaking projects, we can provide professional assistance to you putting you in an ideal position to assess multiple technologies and plant [...]
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Bulk Materials Handling

Bulk Materials Handling & Storage RMG has international experience and comprehensive expertise in providing consultation services that enable ore production businesses to design, optimise, and maintain financially and operationally efficient storage and bulk material handling solutions at industrial facilities, power generation plants, ports, and mines globally. We can provide recommendations on the storage, processing, handling, [...]
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Lead & Zinc Beneficiation

Beneficiation of lead and zinc ores involves a series of steps that are designed to separate valuable minerals from gangue minerals and prepare the ore for further processing. The specific beneficiation process can vary depending on the characteristics of the ore and the desired end product, but typically involves crushing, grinding, flotation, and dewatering. Lead [...]
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Mine & Minerals Mine & Minerals RMG has extensive experience in both open pit and underground mining methods and undertakes evaluation, Read More Oil & Gas Oil & Gas RMG is an independent source of oil and gas consulting services including geological and engineering evaluations, Read More Power Power At Ruhr Montan Group, we are [...]
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