Steel Making

Steel Making

Steel is one of the most prized elements in the modern economy and has a diverse range of applications across different verticals including automotive, manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, healthcare, and other sectors. Ruhr Montan Group has the capacity, expertise, and experience to deliver modern technical and commercial steelmaking solutions that capitalize on today's opportunities and overcome challenges. We have what it takes to help your business drive sustainable success.

Steelmaking Consultancy

Modern steelmaking industry is exceptionally competitive which means businesses are in crucial need of producing premium quality steel in a cost-efficient manner while preserving the environment and ensuring safety. RMG employs an experienced team that has the specialized expertise in a variety of steelmaking operations, technologies, and processes across a variety of industry sectors including high alloy steels, stainless steels, and carbon steels. Some of our leading capabilities include:

  • Ingot casting and forging
  • Continuous casting
    • Billet casting
    • Beam blank casting
    • Bloom casting
    • Slab casting
  • Steel Making
    • Secondary metallurgy
    • Basic Oxygen Furnace Steel Making (BOF)
    • Electric Arc Furnace Steel Making (EAF)
    • Induction Furnace Steel Making (IF)

As the steelmaking industry confronts the environmental consideration of steel production, RMG can deliver specialist initiatives and recommendations for maximization of power consumption efficiency, reduction of environmental emissions, and optimization of by-product recovery.


  • Conceptualization and conducting option studies along with market evaluations
  • Conducting technical due diligence studies and feasibility studies from pre- feasibility level to bankability
  • Management and acquisition of tenders, independent engineering and lender’s supervision services
  • Cost versus benefit analysis, system optimization, and valuations
  • Design assessment, project management consultancy, logistics and performance studies
  • Providing quality assurance, construction supervision, and surveillance during manufacturing
  • Risk assessment and operational assistance along with maintenance schemes
  • Environmental, health, and safety performance assessment with optimization recommendations