Long Products Rolling

Long Products Rolling

Steel long products have numerous applications as they are used in manufacturing industrial machinery, railways, bridges, large scale infrastructure, automotive parts, and construction. Consistent progress in design and engineering in these sectors require steel products that deliver enhanced performance and better quality while sustaining profit margins. Ruhr Montan Group relies on its versatile operational, technical, and industry knowledge and experience to provide exceptional solutions for long products rolling mills. We can provide you with the required assistance that enables you to develop sustainable and efficient systems whether you are upgrading existing facilities or building new plants.

Long Products Rolling Consultancy

Our team of experts has the experience of collaborating with a multitude of leading technology vendors and suppliers in the steelmaking sector with specialized experience in developing long products rolling mills and projects globally. Relying on a combination of industry experience and technical acumen, RMG can deliver you consultancy and advice for developing and upgrading new and existing projects that provide optimized performance and efficiency.

Long product rolling mills’ production demands like volume, product quality, and steel types are subject to the end-use applications which can be quite versatile and unique from one client to another. Using our industry awareness, RMG delivers highly tailored consultancy, project management, and engineering services that meet your business requirements regardless of whether you are making changes to an existing rolling mill or developing a complete new rolling mill from scratch. Our long products rolling expertise includes:

  • Rail rolling lines
  • Rebar mills
  • Medium and heavy section mills
  • Wire rod mills
  • Merchant bar and light section mills

RMG’s expertise incorporates all types of products from alloy and electrical steels to stainless and carbon steels. Apart from the primary process lines, we have the experience to provide recommendations on related infrastructure and processes.


  • Conceptualization and conducting option studies along with market evaluations
  • Conducting technical due diligence studies and feasibility studies from pre-feasibility level to bankability
  • Management and acquisition of tenders, independent engineering and lender’s supervision services
  • Cost versus benefit analysis, system optimization, and valuations
  • Design assessment, project management consultancy, logistics and performance studies
  • Providing quality assurance, construction supervision, and surveillance during manufacturing
  • Risk assessment and operational assistance along with maintenance schemes
  • Environmental, health, and safety performance assessment with optimisation recommendations