Iron & Steel

Iron & Steel

Ruhr Montan Group delivers exceptional project management and engineering consultancy in both iron and steel mining and production industries. With the best-in-class blend of technical expertise, strategic partnerships, and industry knowledge, we have positioned ourselves to deliver an entire range of value-added services to clients across a number of sectors including plant facilities and operators, government institutions, and investors.

Iron & Steel Consultancy :

Our technical abilities encapsulate all parts of the iron and steel industry including steelworks, singular process lines and related systems. Apart from the basic process infrastructure and hardware, our services include supplementary facilities including logistics systems, fire prevention and protection, building services, industrial gases, water treatment plant, waste treatment systems, utilities, and material handling facilities. It does not matter if your venture includes up-gradation of an old plant or Greenfield development, we have
the experience and expertise to provide a custom solution tailored to your investment requirements.

RMG delivers consultancy across the lifecycle of iron and steel projects from
conceptualization phase through to viability studies, financing and due diligence,
acquisition, designing, engineering, and development. We collaborate with the client’s chosen financial, legal and insurance counsellors to complete projects within time, financial, and regulatory limitations.

Ensuring environmental friendliness and sustainability is an essential consideration for latest projects today with focus being on reducing the ecological effect of businesses that are energy-intensive including iron and steel mining and production as well as limiting emissions that take the form of dust, fines, slag and vaporous discharges. Relying on our broad industry awareness in the iron and steel sector, we can recommend you best industry

practices and assist you in guaranteeing that environmental and sustainability prerequisites are considered from the beginning of a venture. The environment effect of mass material management is of specific significance where financing is acquired from monetary foundations buying into Equator Principals where it should be shown that the social and natural effects of a task are completely thought through prior to finance acquisition.


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  • Iron Making
  • Long products rolling
  • Flat products rolling
  • Piemaking
  • Coating and finishing lines