Flat Products Rolling

Flat Products Rolling

Steel flat products feature a diverse range of industrial applications including the manufacturing of consumer electronics, household appliances, automotive exteriors, infrastructure, packaging, and industrial machinery. Ruhr Montan Group has the expertise and experience to provide exceptional industry-specific and technical consultancy for both up-gradation of existing facilities and development of new steel rolling mills across a wide variety of rolling technologies of flat products.

Flat Products Rolling Consultancy

When it comes to flat products rolling, technological advancements are being made every year to enable supply mills to meet increasingly challenging and unique market needs for both coil and steel plate. Not only that, rolling mill project investors, operators, and other stakeholders are now facing the demanding challenges of high upfront capital investment, increasing operational costs, and sustainability concerns.

That is why the selection of the right technology and process cycle for flat products rolling facility is extremely crucial and dependent on a multitude of factors including physical characteristics like toughness or strength as well as dimensional attributes like width and thickness. RMG features extensive specialized and industry-specific awareness in both conventional and modern rolling innovations. We lean on our experience and industry knowledge to help our clients make the right choice when it comes to process cycle and technological requirements. Our abilities include:

  • Cold Rolling
    • Cold mill complexes
    • Temper mills
    • Reversing mills
    • Tandem cold mills
  • Hot rolling
    • Steckel mills
    • Plate mills
    • Thin slab casting and rolling mills
    • Conventional hot strip mills

RMG’s expertise incorporates all types of products from alloy and electrical steels to stainless and carbon steels. Apart from the primary process lines, we have the experience to provide recommendations on related infrastructure and processes.

Our all-around experience enables us to provide the required technical and operational assistance that can help you modernize existing flat products rolling mill or develop a new facility from conceptualization to final execution.


  • Conceptualization and conducting option studies along with market evaluations
  • Conducting technical due diligence studies and feasibility studies from pre-feasibility level to bankability
  • Management and acquisition of tenders, independent engineering and lender’s supervision services
  • Cost versus benefit analysis, system optimization, and valuations
  • Design assessment, project management consultancy, logistics and performance studies
  • Providing quality assurance, construction supervision, and surveillance during manufacturing
  • Risk assessment and operational assistance along with maintenance schemes
  • Environmental, health, and safety performance assessment with optimization recommendations