Ferro Alloys

Ferro Alloys

Ruhr Montan Group has a team of professionals with expertise and experience to provide you with the consultancy required to ensure operational efficiency of your ferro-alloy production plant. We can also help you engineer and develop new production plants that can manufacture ferro-nickel, ferro-silicon, and ferromanganese alloys.

Ferro-Alloy Manufacturing Consultancy

RMG delivers exceptional consultancy, cutting-edge engineering, and streamlined project management services for your ferro-alloy production plants and projects globally. Our team can enable you to execute best operational practices relying on our comprehensive industry knowledge and ensure improved production efficiencies across your ferro-alloy plants. Enhanced productivity, improved cost-efficiency, better safety and health, and refined environmental performance are key benefits of our pedigree in the alloy production industry.

Our multi-faceted experience in the ferro-alloys section allows us to help financial institutions, investors, and project developers design, develop and execute new production facilities anywhere in the world.


  • Market analysis to assist you in terms of diversifying your product offerings and finding the highest margin products your business can manufacture without adding any capital investment or extensive costs
  • Operational and performance evaluations to draw a comprehensive comparison of your output against the industry’s average and providing recommendations for helping you enhance productivity, quality, yield, and cost-efficiency
  • Operational recommendations to help your business overcome production issues and achieve the required quality benchmarks and certifications for your customers and target markets
  • Operational and technical consultancy for selection of the right process and identifying the most adequate process configuration for new ferro-alloy production systems
  • Recommendations related to new planned investments for conducting feasibility studies, developing business studies, valuations of operational expenses and capital estimations for new investment and drafting financial models to evaluate the estimated financial viability of the investments
  • Developing technical specifications for upgrades of existing facilities or new investments along with complete professional support through tender procurement and management