With an extensive and diverse range of applications for copper in modern society, the demand for the coveted metal is expected to continue its upward trajectory. From smelting and casting to concentrate production and drawing, forging, extrusion and rolling, Ruhr Montan Group possesses the expertise and experience to help your business design and develop new copper production systems as well as optimize the performance of your existing production assets.

Copper Manufacturing Consultancy

Copper is used in a number of industries but the major challenge for copper manufacturers is sustainable and affordable production of copper that is highly pure and free of low-grade ores that are generally exploited commercially. After the production of high purity copper cathode from the ore using a range of methods, the copper cathode has numerous applications in the manufacturing of products like seamless tube, bar, wire, rod, cables, coil, and sheet. It can also be melted again and alloyed to manufacture brass,bronze and other alloy products.

Apart from main copper production, there is also an increasing demand for recycled copper which is comparatively less energy-intensive to produce than new copper production from ore. This is an essential aspect for businesses who are looking to make their copper production a more sustainable process.

  • Primary and secondary copper smelting
  • Concentrate production
  • Hot and cold rolling
  • Wire drawing, extrusion, and seamless tube production
  • Fire refining, copper recycling
  • Electrolytic refining and copper cathode production
  • Continuous and semi-continuous casting


  • Market analysis to assist you in terms of diversifying your product offerings and finding the highest margin products your business can manufacture without adding any capital investment or extensive costs
  • Operational and performance evaluations to draw a comprehensive comparison of your output against the industry’s average and providing recommendations for helping you enhance productivity, quality, yield, and cost-efficiency
  • Operational and metallurgical recommendations and consultancy to enable you to meet required quality benchmarks and certifications to expand into new markets
  • Operational and technical consultancy for selection of the right process and identifying the most adequate process configuration for new aluminium production systems
  • Recommendations related to new planned investments for conducting feasibility studies, developing business studies, valuations of operational expenses and capital estimations for new investment and drafting financial models to evaluate the estimated financial viability of the investments
  • Developing technical specifications for upgrades of existing facilities or new investments along with complete professional support through tender procurement and management