Coke Production & Sintering

Coke Production & Sintering

In the ironmaking process, metallurgical coke and sinter are essential raw materials and their quality can affect the overall production, efficiency and fuel consumption during the process. Relying on our exceptional expertise as leading ore mining and production consultants, Ruhr Montan Group can provide professional consultation enabling you to maximize returns on your existing investments and achieve the highest operational and financial efficiencies for recently acquired assets.

Coke Production

Whether your business has existing coke production operation or is planning to develop a new one, RMG has the professional expertise and experience to provide
recommendations regarding a multitude of aspects of the process including coke quality improvement, choice of coal blends, maximization of coke oven production, operational and energy efficiencies, improved recovery of by-products, and enhanced plant safety and health. We can also provide consultation on how to ensure operational sustainability for optimizing environmental friendliness of your coke production process.


Sintering involves a combination of fluxes, fines, and coke agglomeration using heat. Relying on our industry experience and expertise in ore mining and production, we can help you in elevating the performance of your sintering processes that ensure maximized metallurgical and physical properties for utilization in operationally efficient ironmaking. Apart from that, RMG can provide recommendations on how you can localize and reduce dust emissions relying on processes that ensure enhanced environmental performance along with better material handling.


  • Assessment of site and infrastructure based on specific process requirements
  • Recommendations regarding the selection of raw materials for coke production and sintering with optimal physical and metallurgical properties ensuring enhanced productivity and efficient fuel consumption
  • Delivery of conceptualization and feasibility studies
  • Recommendations for reducing carbon emissions and enhancing material handling systems for sustainable operations
  • Comprehensive assessment of process and energy efficiency along with recommendations regarding their optimization’s
  • Development of technical specifications for equipment and processes
  • Complete tender management starting from enquiry documents drafting to tendering and supplier recommendations
  • Management of commissioning and plant construction projects