Beneficiation is an essential procedure that are widely used in the efficient and sustainable production of premium ores.


There are numerous processes of beneficiation that are used depending on the type of ore to enhance the ore quality by eliminating impurities and inferior minerals. Some of the beneficiation processes that are widely used in the mining industry include gravity separation, grinding, crushing, magnetic separation, and froth flotation. By optimizing’s the process of ore recovery, beneficiation processes alleviate logistical costs such as water and transportation expenses.

With a profound understanding of diverse ore types, we provide valuable guidance and consultation on the most appropriate process route tailored to the unique characteristics of each ore. Our team of experts at RMG possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the intricacies of different beneficiation processes. We are committed to empowering our clients with the knowledge needed to drive operational efficiency and maximize the value of their ore deposits.

Ruhr Montan Group possesses exceptional industry knowledge of beneficiation processes that positions us as one of the leading companies to deliver consultation regarding the most suited strategy for different ores. Our objective is to support our clients in achieving optimal results and enhancing the overall performance of their mining operations.


  • Comprehensive site and infrastructure adequacy assessment depending on the process requirements
  • Consultation regarding process strategy subject to available ore and downstream demands
  • Delivery of conceptualisation and feasibility studies
  • Waste management recommendations including material handling processes and tailings disposal
  • Estimations along with energy and process efficiency analyses and optimisation recommendations
  • Development of technical specifications for equipment and processes
  • Complete tender management starting from enquiry documents drafting to tendering and supplier recommendations
  • Management of commissioning and plant construction projects